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About Word and Sentence


To come up with intriguing society, you must have intriguing mind.

When you take a step aside and look at things that people take for granted for and stop paying attention to, they sometime astonishes us or strike a little too close to home.


Say, why don't we add "?" to "Ocean is blue",

 "Concrete is hard" or "Love is eternal" and think once again.

Maybe, we might get the same answer either way.

But that conclusion may come from totally different wonders and findings.

Often, hints to astonishing ideas are hidden just right next to universal facts

that we don't think about giving a second thoughts to.


Words are just "stuff" that articulates events around us using characters and voices.

Sentences are "stuff" made of combinations of those words.

Expressions in any form come from these two.

And you can't generate ideas no matter how you tweak around either of them.


Expression will be infinite just as long as there is a will to communicate.

Words, sentences and your will.

Why don't we go out and take a peak of the things we take as given from a different perspective?

To bring world with astonishments and discoveries,

we will make your wills and ideas into reality.


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