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Representative / Producer

Tetsuya Akama Born 1985

I now have footwork accelerator installed!

Tetsuya's works are not limited by the boundary of video production, take a sample of Vending Machine Red and Hajikeru-Jackson costume implementation for Coca-Cola, or MINIMUS for New Balance, he goes beyond film production and leverages SNS and websites to deliver his strength in providing multi-channel promotional contents.

Film / Commercial / Documentary Director

Toshimichi Fujioka Born 1976

CM, TV, PV, Feature Films, I welcome all kinds of films!

His track record starts with list of CM production including AUDI/TT+TKO,Reebok/KIDYamamoto,Microsoft/XBOX360

then to take on film projects such as "Tsuwano Hyakkei (100 scenes of Tsuwano)" a promotion film for Japan Heritage and then to be awarded for Documentary Film Award during 68th Mainichi Film Awards for his film "Frivolous" which lead him to be invited to Nippon Connection Germany and Swiss The GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival. He is also known for his novel titled: Frivolous (Poplar publishing)

Executive Producer

Tetsuya Kinouchi Born 1971

Anything from overseas projects to undergrounds of Tokyo!

Having experience being bilingual creative producer for McCann Erickson, Tetsuya was in charge of MasterCard PRICELESS campaign and promotional film for Airbnb. He also demonstrates his talent in international projects like producing promotion video for Swedish artists Otto Knows and Mando Diao filmed in Japan!

Management and Music Composer

Tatsuhide Tado Born 1975

Giving imagination even to slumber. I use sound to bring out emotions that are not possible to be visualized!

His talent is not restricted by the genre of the territory of his works include NKH・ETV Petit-petit Animation "Ratio of the forest", Tomoyasu Murata exhibit @Meguro Museum of Art, theme music for music Movie "Frivolous", HOME’S webCM, Harley Davidson webCM bringing out core essence of every work he works on with theatrical music and musical composition.

Film / Commercial / Documentary Director

Qunio Nozawa Born 1980

Qunio has learned Hollywood style techniques at California State University of Long Beach.

Since then, he has worked on abroad and worked with filmmakers abroad extensively. His clients includes Red Bull, YAMAHA, MasterCard, HITACHI,Breitling, Millet and more.


You can view his work the link below.


Planner / Director

Naoki Ando Born 1971

Specialized in Web site development and Web strategy plannig and teaching in community school. He is deeply associated with Japanese Hardcore punk scene and organizing local grassroot activity as booking shows, podcasting called Tokyo Unlearned.



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