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We are a creative film production team specializing in brand communications and feature films.


The team was formed in 2013.

We take on projects from clients regardless If the client is from local Japan or from overseas.

We even climbed Mt. Everest 2 years after forming the team.


5 members including Representative / Producer: Tetsuya Akama, Feature / Commercial film director: Toshimichi Fujioka,

Executive producer: Tetsuya Kinouchi, Associate / Director Kunio Nozawa and Music Composer: Tatsuhide Tado

will provide one-stop solution to all aspects of movie production

from planning, researching, filming/editing and music production.


 Our team consists of bilingual producer and director with global advertisement agency/production background,

producer who is very agile to take on trans-Japan project and enduring on-site shooting on Mt. Everest,

documentary film director who broke number of blockbuster records,

music composer who's spectrum of talent includes composition of theatrical music but also making great hamburgers.

Together we are ready to take on missions globally.

Not only we specialize in film production,

we can provide our expertise on video production including CM, PV, VP.

Also we provide consultation for all the fun things like advertisement campaigns, producing and coordinating events.

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